The History of English Football: From its Origins to the Premier League Era

Par Kévin Jones , le 9 avril 2023
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Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world and England is considered the birthplace of the game. Soccer was born in England and quickly spread around the world. In this article, we will explore the history of English soccer from its origins to the era of the Premier League.

The Origins of English Football

Football is an ancient sport that evolved from different ball games played in different cultures. The Romans, for example, played a game called « Harpastum » which resembled modern football. However, it was in England that modern soccer originated.

Football began to be played in England in the 12th century, but it was not the same sport we know today. Back then, players could use their hands to handle the ball and the rules were very different from those of today.

Modern football as we know it today was codified in England in the 19th century. The rules were established in 1863 by the Football Association (FA), which became the governing body of football in England.

The Development of English Football

Football quickly spread outside England and became a global sport. National teams began to play against each other and the first leagues were organized.

In England, the first football league was formed in 1888, with 12 teams playing each other throughout the season. Since then, English football has continued to grow in popularity and importance.

The Premier League, which is the highest football league in England, was established in 1992. Since then, it has become one of the most prestigious and richest leagues in the world.

The most popular clubs

English football is known for its historic and prestigious clubs. The most popular clubs in England are Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham Hotspur. These clubs all have a long history and a large fan base around the world.

The most successful clubs in England:

  1. Manchester United – 20 English league titles
  2. Liverpool – 19 English league titles
  3. Arsenal – 13 league titles
  4. Everton – 9 league titles
  5. Aston Villa – 7 league titles

Table of Premier League winners since 2005

YearWinning team
2006-2007Manchester United
2007-2008Manchester United
2008-2009Manchester United
2010-2011Manchester United
2011-2012Manchester City
2012-2013Manchester United
2013-2014Manchester City
2015-2016Leicester City
2017-2018Manchester City
2018-2019Manchester City
2020-2021Manchester City

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world and is followed by millions of people around the globe. It is a sport with a long history and has evolved over time to become one of the most exciting and competitive sports. Football fans can follow their favorite team throughout the season by attending live matches or watching them on television. In addition, many football fans also enjoy betting on the outcome of matches, which adds an extra dimension of excitement and suspense to each game.

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Club rivalry

English football is also known for its intense rivalries between clubs. The most famous are the rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool, and the rivalry between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur.

These rivalries often have historical and geographical roots and are fuelled by fans’ passion for their club. The matches between the rivals are often the most watched and anticipated in the world.

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